Painless Tattoo™ Numbing Cream

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No Pain, All Gain. Get Tattooed Without ANY Pain. Trusted In 2200+ Shops.

When it comes to tattoos some say pain is apart of the process. We think that pain should be optional. That's why we created our Painless Tattoo Cream. If you would prefer a more pleasant tattoo session, apply our cream before your next appointment and experience the difference. Especially if you're going to be under the needle for a long time. 

Walk into your next tattoo appointment with confidence because you know it will be pain free. Our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream will numb the area you are about to get tattooed, ensuring that you can relax during your session. Your artist will appreciate less breaks, complaints and whining.

 STOP PAIN - Our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream relieves pain anywhere it's applied for 3+ hours. (Some say longer)

 GET MORE DONE - Get tattooed for longer. Tackle big projects without breaking or tapping. You'll be napping.

 RELAX - Imagine not feeling a thing while getting tattooed. We numb. You relax. Art happens.

✅ DOESN'T AFFECT WORK - Neither the stencil or your work is affected.

 MULTIPLE USES - As this product is a topical agent and used to numb skin, it can be used for other applications such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing etc.

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  -- Wash and exfoliate the area to be tattooed, lasered or pierced thoroughly with soap, water and exfoliator to remove dirt and dead skin this will help the cream penetrate. Dry area completely.

  -- Apply a thick amount of numbing cream (2mm thick) to the area and rub in thoroughly.

  -- Cover with plastic wrap. The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and keeps the cream from drying out.

  -- Leave cream and wrap in place for a minimum of 30-45 minutes before procedure. Anymore than 45 minutes shortens the time in which it is effective.

  -- After 45 minutes, remove the cling film, wipe the cream away and clean the area thoroughly once more and you’re ready for your pain free tattoo!

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