Numbing cream for waxing
Best Numbing Cream for Waxing

Numbing Cream for Hair Removal Procedures

Are you thinking about getting your legs waxed? If so, you should learn how to use numbing cream for waxing. Numbing creams are absolutely essential if you want to get through hair removal without a whimper — it’ll take the edge off and make the whole experience more bearable.

Waxing is a great way of getting rid of the hair on your body. Unfortunately, it’s not pain-free and it can be traumatic for those with a low pain threshold. If you know that you’re going to have a problem getting your legs waxed, you may want to look at using our numbing cream before waxing. Painless Tattoo cream really helps to make waxing easier and more comfortable.

Do Numbing Creams Work For Waxing

Waxing numbing cream helps to reduce the pain of waxing and other benefits when applied before waxing. The most common benefit is reducing inflammation, redness, and irritation to help provide you with a smoother finish after the treatment.

Painless Tattoo numbing cream only numbs the skin directly above where you’ll be applying the numbing product. It takes about 30 minutes to work, so if you apply numbing cream and then continue down the leg, by then your numbed area will start to feel pain again! To ensure that you are numbed enough during waxing, try doing this: Apply numbing cream 30 minutes before you plan on starting hair removal. This should give the numbing product enough time to take effect.

Is Numbing Cream Good For Waxing?

Yes, numbing cream is good for waxing, numbing products are also great for use with threading which can be very painful. If you are considering having any hair removed from your body, it would be advisable to use numbing cream as the pain associated with this treatment may surprise you.

Waxing feels like more than a paper-cut! It is even more annoying when you get red spots and inflammation. Thankfully, Painless Tattoo cream works wonders in reducing the pain of waxing as well as healing the skin quicker. Our numbing cream for waxing has active ingredients that help soothe your skin after waxing without adding any further irritation or other adverse effects.

How to use Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream For Hair Removal

In order to ensure maximum numbing, please DON’T DRINK ANY FORM OF ALCOHOL within 24 hours of your waxing session, or the numbing may not be as effective or long-lasting.

Please spot test the day prior to use on a small area that’ll be tattooed the next day, especially if you have sensitive skin for 10-20 mins on a small area to ensure that your skin doesn’t become inflamed. Some minor localized redness is normal.

Steps for use:

1. Wash and exfoliate the area to be waxed quite thoroughly with soap, water and exfoliator to remove dirt and dead skin this will help the cream penetrate. Dry area completely.

2. Apply a thick amount of numbing cream (2mm thick) to the area and rub in thoroughly.

3. Cover with cling film. The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and keeps the cream from drying out.

4. Leave numbing cream and wrap in place for 90 minutes before the hair removal procedure.

5. After 90 minutes, remove the cling film and wipe the cream away with a paper towel and you’re ready for your pain-free hair removal session!

What Numbing Cream Is Best For Waxing?

Painless Tattoo numbing cream is ideal for waxing. Backed by hundreds of satisfied customers and dozens of recommendations, there is little doubt that Painless Tattoo numbing cream will help you deal with waxing pain.

Waxing numbing cream can be applied on any part which needs hair removal -- including legs, arms, back and more. It makes the process less painful and it also helps to reduce redness and inflammation in your skin after the treatment.

How Long Do The Numbing Effects Last After Waxing?

The numbing effects last up to 3-4 hours depending on skin type. This amount of time should be long enough for most people seeking pain-free waxing experiences. Painless Tattoo numbing cream doesn’t irritate the skin and won’t leave behind any numbing product residue.

Where Can I Get Numbing Cream For Waxing?

Numbing cream is an important part of your preparation for any hair removal procedure; particularly if this is your first time. You can purchase our numbing cream by clicking on this link. We have promos for quantity purchases, so make sure to check those out.

If you would like a pleasant hair removal session without any pain, our Painless Tattoo numbing cream can definitely make it happen!