Best Numbing Cream For Tattoos

Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream For Tattoos

Tattoos hurt. Many believe that "pain is apart of the process".. "Earn it".. We completely disagree. One should be able to decide how they want their experience to be. Now you can. Our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream lives up to it's name, making tattoos completely painless. You will love our tattoo numbing creams if you want:

Painless Tattoo Sessions

Painless Tattoo numbing cream can help make your tattooing experience more enjoyable than painful. Get the most out of your session with these numbing products and never have to worry about discomfort again!

Quicker sessions

Mean less time in pain. The best tattoo numbing cream will also allow you to get several tattoos done in a single day's worth of appointments because it’s easy on both you and the tattoo artist!

Reduces discomfort due to nerve pain during the procedure, which allows you to stay relaxed and comfortable.

Allows your artist to work more quickly. There is less bleeding due to reduced sensitivity in the area being tattooed, making it easier to see where pigment will go.

Allows your skin to fully heal faster.

Better overall tattoo experience

In addition to numbing the pain caused by tattoo needles, tattoo numbing creams also improve the final look of your tattoo. There have been times when tattoos are ruined by sudden jerks.

Painless Tattoo numbing creams are a great way to make the inking process less painful. Especially if you are getting a tattoo on sensitive areas, our numbing creams for tattoos are an excellent option that can help you get through your next session with no pain and without any side effects. Let's get you Inked. Pain FREE!

How to use Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream For Tattoos

In order to ensure maximum numbing, please DON’T DRINK ANY FORM OF ALCOHOL within 24 hours of your microblading session, or the numbing may not be as effective or long-lasting.

Please spot test the day prior to use on a small area that’ll be tattooed the next day, especially if you have sensitive skin for 10-20 mins on a small area to ensure that your skin doesn’t become inflamed. Some minor localized redness is normal.

Steps for use:

1. Wash and exfoliate the area to be Tattooed quite thoroughly with soap, water and exfoliator to remove dirt and dead skin this will help the cream penetrate. Dry area completely.

2. Apply a thick amount of numbing cream (2mm thick) to the area and rub in thoroughly.

3. Cover with cling film. The heat under the plastic wrap helps activate the cream and keeps the cream from drying out.

4. Leave numbing cream and wrap in place for 60 minutes.

5. After 60 minutes, remove the cling film and wipe the cream away with a paper towel and you’re ready for your pain-free Tattoo session!

Where Can I Get Numbing Cream For Tattoos?

You can get your hands on our Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream by going to our shop page or by clicking here. You can also take advantage of our "Buy 2 ,Get 1 FREE" offer!

We look forward to helping you eliminate the pain associated with tattoo sessions!