Geometric, Ornamental & Mandala Tattoos

Style(s) in which I'm (Eli) currently diving into as I plan my leg project. Figured I would briefly share some thoughts, research, styles & examples as I immerge from the rabbit hole myself should anyone else appreciate this sytle, have this style, or be planning a project relative to this style.

Women Examples

Ankle & Feet

Men Examples

Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve

Style Features


Various shapes



integrating shapes

& desingns


Accentuating placement &

flow of body curvature

Line Work

Crispy line work


Visually balanced

Black Ink

Dominantly black ink

These styles all consist of crisp lines, dots & shapes in which create esthetically pleasing patterns, Large or small, when executed right they are incredibly satisfying.

Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve

Barcelets & Anklets

Arm Sleeve
Leg Sleeve

Symbolism & Meaning

Tyically, you're combining multiple shapes & designs. all of which carry different meanings. Therefor, you can curate your own piece & meaning by comming up with a design with your artist in which satisfies you visually and meaningfully.

The term 'mandala' means 'circle'. Mandalas are sacred symbols that are present in almost every aspect of our natural world. it represents wholeness, and can be seen as a model for the organizational structure of life itself--a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite. Incorporated with other geometrical shapes, meanings become endless.

If you HAVE to attach meaning there's a starting point for you to dive deeper on. Most people believe that they need to have profound stories, and they always expect those stories to be sublime, life-changing events, or deep concepts. When someone asks you about the meaning of your tattoo, you almost have to invent or improvise some satisfactory anecdote.

BUT, sometimes ART doesn't need a meaning. Perhaps it just needs to be witnessed without any explanation. It also doesn't have to hurt either... Wink, Wink.. Cough, Cough...