Painless Tattoo and DaniLuz Tattoo are two brands that are changing the way people think about tattoos. Painless Tattoo is a numbing cream brand that helps to reduce the pain of tattooing, while DaniLuz Tattoo is an international and talented tattoo artist who is well-known for his incredible gray tones pieces. Both brands have been working together to change the way people think about tattoos, believing that together, any tattoo experience can become more comfortable and enjoyable.

The collaboration between these two brands has been nothing short of amazing. Dani Luz has been using Painless Tattoo products with his clients, and the results have been incredible. The cream has helped to reduce the pain of tattooing, making the experience more comfortable for them. This has led to increased satisfaction among clients, and it has also allowed Dani Luz to create some of his most stunning work to date.

In addition to the improved client satisfaction, both brands recently collaborated in a tattoo convention in the city of Denver. In this event Dani Luz invited Anastasya Naboka to do an art collab, both using the products of the brand, this collaboration has also led to some amazing results in the tattoo world. The three brands walked away with three awards:

1st place - in Color Infused, Black & Grey

2nd place - Overall (male)

5th place - Best in Show

These awards are a testament to the quality of work that is being produced by them together, and they are also a testament to the power of collaboration, when great brands come together, they can create something truly special. We are excited to see what else this interesting collaboration will lead to. We believe that together, we can change the way people think about tattoos, making any session experience more comfortable and enjoyable, helping people to create the tattoos of their dreams. So, what happens when you find the right team?

  • You create something truly special.

  • You achieve amazing results.

  • You change the world.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this team, because they're just getting started!