Top 10 Most Painful Tattoo Areas and What to Expect

Top 10 Most Painful Tattoo Areas and What to Expect

Most tattoos are applied to the skin, but there are other places on your body that can also be tattooed. These areas come with their own unique challenges and benefits. Here is a list of 10 Most painful tattoo areas where one can get inked: 

1. The Ribs

Getting a tattoo on your rib cage can be really painful, but it also leads to some awesome designs. The rib cage is not like other areas on the body. It's not flat, which makes it difficult for the artist to work with. It also doesn't have an unlimited number of spots for tattoos. Rib cages are often bony and have areas where there isn't much space at all.

While rib tattoos are unique and beautiful, they aren't for everyone. If you are just beginning your tattoo journey and don't want extremely painful tattoos, then the rib area may not be the best place to get inked. - Or, you may want to get some Painless Tattoo Cream to make your session painless or bearable.

2. The Neck and Throat

The neck and throat are two of the most painful parts of the body for someone to get a tattoo on. This is because the skin in this area is so thin, so it requires more needles to do the job. Altogether, about 70% of people who have tattoos in this area experience pain because it's just so sensitive. Tattoo numbing creams can work to an extent, but this is just one of those areas that are naturally very painful.- Painless Tattoo Numbing Cream however will dramatically decrease the pain or eliminate it completely.

The throat and neck are some of the most visible parts of the body, so they're perfect for showing off your ink. New tattoo ideas can be found everywhere around you. If you see a photo with a great design on someone's throat or neck, take it to your artist as inspiration for your new work of art.

3. Behind the Ear - HEAD

Getting a tattoo on the back of your ear can be really painful.  If you have a tattoo on your tragus, it can be painful too. Some people with piercings in their tragus have reported the pain of getting a tattoo behind the ear was worse than the pain they felt when getting their piercing.

The good thing here is that getting a tattoo on this area also leaves your work of art visible to others all the time, which means you need to be really sure about your design choice. If you're not ready for everyone to see it every day, then pick another spot that allows more privacy, like under your arm or on your ankle.

4. Inside the Lip or Mouth

Getting a tattoo on the inside of your lip or mouth is very painful.  The skin in this area isn't as thick as other areas, so the pain is even worse. Mouth tattoos also entail different complications; for instance, you can't drink or eat until the tattoo heals because it will hurt and bleeding can be a problem. Mouth tattoos are more demanding on your artist as well. They take a lot of concentration and patience to finish because there's just not a lot of space on these small surfaces.

If you're up for one of the most unique tattoos possible, then go for a mouth tattoo. Your design choice will be visible always and it'll open up new doors to possibilities with your body art.

5. The fingertips

Tattoos are usually applied to the skin, but there are other areas of your body that can also be tattooed. One of these areas is the fingertips! Getting tattoos on your fingertips can be excruciatingly painful because they're so sensitive. It takes a lot of focus and patience for artists to complete this type of work, but it's worth it in the end for one-of-a-kind designs.

Though there are many benefits to getting a tattoo here, it's not the most convenient place to get inked. You have to be mindful of your new tattoo because you always carry objects with your hands. It's also difficult for you to take care of this area on your own, so it requires a lot more attention than most tattoos do. - Areas like this are more painful due to all the nerve endings. And the fact that it’s one of your primary sensory points.

6. The Palm

Getting a tattoo on the palm is one of the most painful parts of the body to get inked. The skin in this area is so sensitive and the artist has to leave tiny areas between the lines that they draw, which can cause more pain. Tattoo numbing creams also don't work as well on this area of the body because of how dense the skin is.

Palm tattoos are some of the most sought-after tattoo designs, but it's important to be prepared for pain. Think carefully about all of your design choices before getting this type of tattoo because if you're not ready for pain, then you'll regret getting a palm tattoo later on.

This spot does have some advantages though: It's flat and hard, so it's easier for artists to work with. Palm tattoos tend to heal quickly, usually within six months without any complications.

7. Feet

tattoo artist working on the clients foot


It is a lot more painful to get a tattoo on your feet.  Though there are a lot of benefits, a tattoo on the soles of your feet means you'll have to be mindful of this part of your body all the time. You can't soak them in water for extended periods of time and you'll have to find creative ways to cover them up. The skin here is also less thick than most other areas, so it's even more sensitive and prone to infection.

It's not uncommon for foot tattoos to become infected due to the area being difficult to clean. This happens because bacteria from sweat or dirt has been trapped under the design, which creates a breeding ground for infection. Nowadays, many people choose foot tattoos as a fashion statement, rather than a way to express themselves.

8. Under the armpit

Getting a tattoo under the armpit is one of the most painful places to get inked. This area of your body isn't used to outside contact and there's not much room for tattoo designs. It also doesn't have any fat or muscle tissue to protect against pain, so the skin is more sensitive.

The skin here is thin enough that artists have to do multiple passes with the needle to complete a design successfully. You'll have to have patience with this area for at least six weeks without showering before it heals because showering will cause irritation and infections can develop.

9. Nipples

There's something odd about nipple tattoos in that some feel as the needles approach the nips, the tattoo gun feels as though it's on fire and as the needles get near the chest plate and sternum, the bone starts to vibrate due to the constant pounding of the needles. Some say that this is the most painful tattoo that they have gotten but it was definitely worth it.

10. Pubic Bone and Groin

Tattoos in your erogenous zones are blindingly painful, since these areas are full of nerve endings and contain very little meat. There have been reports of people fainting from getting tattoos on the penis and/or vagina.

Final Thoughts


Tattoos are a permanent way to show off your personality. It’s not always easy though, there are many different areas of the body that can be tattooed and each come with their own unique challenges. We hope that our list of 10 most painful places on the body helped you decide which area you'll get inked! And if you are looking for ways to reduce or numb the pain from getting a tattoo, our Painless Tattoo numbing cream will surely help soothe any discomfort before it begins!